Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Putting The Kids To Work!

Have you ever found that you spend more time pinning to Pinterest than actually trying the things you pinned?  That would be ME!  So, along with my commitment to myself to blog faithfully, I am going to try and use those pins!!!

My kids are at the ages that they are looking for ways to make some cash.  In our house, you don't get paid for doing things that should be done anyway.  (ie: dishes, taking out trash, sweeping floor, etc)  But, I am willing to put up some dough for things that will take one more thing of my own to-do-list!

My daughter happened to be getting rid of this cork board that has been in her room since she was a toddler.
I was struck with inspiration!   Many moons ago I pinned a chore board.  My commitment to blog, and my desire for help in the house were the perfect combination!

We have LOTS of extra paint in our garage.  Leftovers from different room makeovers on the house.  WHY would I go buy paint for this small project when I could repurpose??
When I got to this stage of the game, my daughter thought that maybe she wanted her cork board back!  Uh-uh!  No take backs!  LOL!

I dug out my Cricut Create and found some coordinating paper.  I used the "Something To Celebrate" cartridge to make lettering.  I made two sets.  One 3" and one 2 1/2" so that I could layer.  I wanted a $, so I turned to my Don Juan cartridge for that.  I used tape runner to stick the letters to the cork.  We shall see if this holds.  I am skeptical. 
Now for the chores!!  I came to realize that I have more chores than I do cash!  LOL!  So, for the time being, the kids can choose from five chores.  :)
I thought about posting the "chore rules" on this board, but I think that the kids are old enough to know.  I told them to pick a chore, but you can't claim the cash until I have seen the work.  They would be foolish to try to do otherwise.  LOL!
I am pretty happy with the result!  I spent $.99 to buy binder clips.  The only thing I didn't already have in my house.  We will see how much I end up spending once the kids catch on!!  LOL!


  1. Looks like a good idea! I like that someone who is ambitious can make some cash, but someone who doesn't want to work doesn't have to. Cool.

  2. I also pinned this a while ago with the hopes of someday making it! Guess I will have to get going on it! What did you have on there for chores?

    1. I will probably have some repeats over time, but there are also some "as needed" items. Pulling weeds, wiping down all the small trash cans in the house, Detailing the interior of a car. I need to come up with some "cheap" things. And I need some big ticket items for my 14 yr old who will probably not choose a $2 chore. LOL!


Thank you for your kind words!