Saturday, January 17, 2015

Loose Teeth, New Floors and a New Card

We have a loose tooth in our house!  Not the first loose tooth by any means, but exciting none-the-less.  Our 8 yr old, Ava, has been wiggling and turning her tooth for the last 48 hours.  On an hourly basis, I am asked to see how wiggly it is, with the obligatory exclamation that I think it has gotten looser!

All this tooth wiggling inspired my card this week.  I took a page from Wendy's book over at SugarPea Designs.  I asked both of my girls what they thought the Tooth Fairy looked like.  I tried to mesh their two descriptions together.  Funny enough, they both told me that they thought she wore a blue dress.  (I am wondering if Duane Johnson's costume in the Tooth Fairy movie swayed their thinking.)
I absolutely adore this stamp set!  The set comes with options.  She can be a tooth fairy, a birthday fairy, or just a cute fairy.  I was a little scared when I started.  I have not had any classes, and am learning how to color with Copics as I go.  Hair scares me!  And, now WINGS scare me!  I wanted them to appear transparent. 

I decided to approach the wings the way I approach hair.  Lightest to darkest, starting with coating them in Colorless Blender.  I'm pretty happy with them for a first attempt.  I used the Hearts Journal Card die set by SPD for the little heart embellishment.  And I was really pleased with myself for creating a boarder of teeth, using the Fairy Sweet Stamp set by SPD!   Ava told me I was a little early with this card, given that she has not actually lost her tooth yet. 

I am to the point now in this card making/blog adventure that I find myself thinking about the layout of my next card ALL the time.  While doing laundry, cooking dinner, name it!  LOL!
And that's what will make this next week or two so hard.  We had a flood on our wood floors in our house.  The ENTIRE main living area of the house has to be torn up and replaced.  (silver lining is that I am getting wood grain TILE!!!!)  We have to pack up our entire house, minus the bedrooms! 
That limits my card making. 

Let's see if I can find a way!  You never know!

Oh, and not to be outdone by my daughter, I am entering this in the SPDSS18 Challenge!

Items I used to make my card:
Fairy Sweet Stamp Set by SugarPea Designs
Sugar Cuts Hearts Journal Card die set by SPD
6x6 Bundle: Journey by Authentique
6x6 Bundle: This & That by Echo Park


  1. What a sweet card! love the way you color the fairy. So glad to have you play along with us at SugarPea Designs.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments!

  2. Look at you go, Dina! This card is fabulous and that fairy is one of my favorites too! I love seeing all of the new January SPD products you used. You must have been one of the first to order online!! I enjoyed reading your post, too, Dina. Maybe because it reminds me of how I felt when I first started coloring with Copics. You did a great job with the wings and the hair. I especially love the soft tones of the colors you used. Your hair technique captured highlights - which is a great feat for a beginner. You tube is a great source for tutorials about coloring with Copics. A little advice - be patient with yourself and tackle one thing at a time! I always stamp or print more than one image to give myself a chance to practice and have a place to try something before doing it on my card image. Hang in there! I'm a new follower so I can support you on your journey. Thanks for playing with our SPD sketch challenge! Cathy xx

    1. Cathy, your comment really touched me! Thank you so much for all the tips! I am really enjoying this journey, but I do tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and forget to enjoy! I really do appreciate that I have people that are there to help me learn as I go!!!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! I have had the honor of designing images for SugarPea Designs (I am the artist behind the one you've chosen here) and I have to say that I just LOVE seeing how each and every person who creates with a SPD brings them to life in a way that is all their own! Thank you for sharing you talent with everyone <3


Thank you for your kind words!