Saturday, May 16, 2015

Teacher Appreciation

My family has been very fortunate to have some great teachers in our lives.  Our elementary school is filled with teachers that care for our kids, even when the kids move on to other grades. 

This last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at our school.  My girls love to make homemade items.  The girls have also been VERY interested in learning to color with my Prismacolor pencils. 

When I saw the Bookworm set at Your Next Stamp, I knew it was destined to become an appreciation gift!

Please forgive the quality of the photos.  I was out of town this week unexpectedly.  I have to give a little love to my husband for taking the photos, knowing that I would want to use them.  I also have to send a BIG thank you to my friend, who saved me when I realized I would not be in town to help the girls assemble their gifts.  She picked them up from our house, laminated them, added a ribbon, and returned them in record time!  Thank you, Cathy!!!
The gold paper, and blue ribbon represent the school colors.  I am SO SO SO proud of my girls and their mad coloring skills!  Did I mention how proud I am???  Anika (Rhymes with Monica) is 10 and Ava is 8!
I see many more bookmarks in our future!  Love this set!
Supplies Used By Anika and Ava:
Bookworm Stamp Set - by  Your Next Stamp
Bookmark Die Set - by Your Next Stamp
Prismacolor pencils


  1. Love love love your projects!!!!!! Ava and Anika you did an awesome job!!!!
    You have both been officially "spied" :>) YNS will be featuring your bookmarks on the YNS blog tomorrow for our I Spy YNS post. Congratulations!!!

    Dina, is it okay to put the girls' names on the YNS blog? E-mail me if you have any concerns - Julie at

    1. OMGosh! You have NO idea how excited they will be!! (I'm excited too!) Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words!